Amazing Heroes wave 1.5

Looking for classic style superhero toys ? After the success of their wave 1 kickstarter Amazing Heroes is back for a wave 1.5.

Press release below:
With only a few days to go, the Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 Kickstarter campaign has released a preview of the upcoming digital Amazing Heroes Handbook, written by comic book historian Christopher Irving (Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comic Books, with photographer Seth Kushner) and featuring vintage comic book stories courtesy of the Digital Comics Library. The cover is by artist Mitch Ballard and designs is by David Go with Peter Go.

“The Handbook was a blast to write,” Irving says. “Black Terror and the Golden Age Dare-Devil are two of my first favorite Golden Age characters. To get the chance to write about them with Stardust, Captain Action, Silver Streak, and the Green Turtle was a dream come true. Now I’m just waiting to have the figures in hand next summer.”

Amazing Heroes Wave 1 was successfully funded last August. Wave 1.5 will add three more figures to this line of retro action figures: Silver Streak, Champion of Mars, and Michael Allred’s cult indy comics character Madman. It will also add Artist Edition cards for each figure, drawn by a selection of comics luminaries.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for these talented artists,” Bill Murphy of Fresh Monkey Fiction says. “It’s really been a dream come true to work with these guys, and I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have them contributing to Amazing Heroes.”

Allred will draw both Madman and Dare-Devil, Erik Larsen on Stardust the Super-Wizard, Reilly Brown on Champion of Mars, Tim Seeley on Silver Streak, Tom Fowler on Black Terror, Sonny Liew on Green Turtle, and Phil Hester on Captain Action. If funded, the card backs will feature original four-panel strips drawn by each artist.

The Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 Kickstarter is set to end at 3 AM Eastern time on Sunday, December 21.


Tiger Force set for Joe Con 2014 (Pic + Info thanks to John Stottman and Glenn P. Winkler

tigerforceThanks to the club tipping us off, we knew a tease would be attached to the retail version of the last con’s single comic issue. John Stottman took the pic, Glenn P Winkler determined that it was Tiger force via the background. Noted author James Kavanaugh pointed out the club bought the art of the Baroness sometime ago, and it has been used in the past and likely doesn’t reflect contents of the set.

All three of those lovely folks, as well as myself and many others are in the G.I.Joe Discussion Group on FB, and that’s where much of the conversation is taking place. If you’re not there you should be, in addition of course to whatever group your already enjoying.


I’m not a fan of bright yellow, and have no real nostalgia to that subset. The villains are likely going to determine my enjoyment of the set itself (which aren’t likely to be connected to the grid pattern on them bottom, since that’s a TF ad, and someone else pointed this out in the FB group) I’ll admit to being somewhat found of the bizarre Tigerforce Outback with white hair, beyond that, I’ll probably be trying to trade them out or sell them. I’m hoping with picking something they know is divisive for the Joes they will throw in some more commonly desired Cobras to please the rest of us.

That said, the set isn’t the best part of the convention, it’s hanging with the friends in the hobby and chatting Joe, so I’ll enjoy the con itself rather or not I will enjoy the set.

Another thing of note, is that both Hasbro and IDW are listed as being present, which is unusual. Could Hasbro be presenting new product???


What’s the difference between Ameritrash and Euro Style Hobby Boardgaming?

5by5nFor many of you new to board gaming, or those of you who are not board gamers but are interested in getting into hobby board gaming, navigating through all the different games and game styles out there can be challenging to say the least.  And to veteran board gamers like me, we often get tired of when trying to explain what we do to non – gamers getting asked “Is it like Risk?, or Is it like Settlers of Catan?”  No, not really…  Well kinda….  But there’s so much more to it.  We also get tired of having our hobby associated with mass market games such as Mouse Trap and Candy Land.  These are just cheap poor quality games in general and in no way reflect what we actually do.  Anyways,  I found this article and I think it really explains it in a very clear concise way.  I hope this is helpful and clears up better exactly what hobby board gaming is for you guys.

Minecraft Monday: Zelda Craft Ocarina of Time

creeperrburstinThis week on Minecraft Monday we are sharing this excellent Zelda themed video! Zelda is a fav of mine, and seeing it mixed with Minecraft is always wonderful. For a long while I had hoped that Minecraft would make it’s way to the Wii U so we could get official skins and maps, but with the recent Microsoft purchase of Mojang, I have no hope we could see such a thing now.

A Fresh Start, The site Formerly known as is changing.

5by5nFor my own sanity, and for a clear fresh start, I am rebranding this site as Nerdrahtio. Rahtio, being from the greek word ratio (rah-she-oh) for reason. The H added to help achieve correct pronunciation and for a unique flair.   This name change is a bit annoying, the previous .com still functions for now, and I’d like to ask everyone to  update your bookmarks and like the appropriate FB page.

Plenty more fun stuff to come later and I look forward to the future.

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