Lego Zelda has another shot at life!

The dream could be reality

The dream could be reality

Zelda is awesome. there is no point in denying. I’ve ran into people who didn’t like a certain zelda game, but none who love video games of any type, and don’t also love Zelda. For many of us it was our first introduction into Fantasy in gaming, and it’s stuck with us.

lego has a site called Lego Cuusoo and the idea of this site is that fans can submit ideas for new sets, they can be voted on, and then if they get enough votes they will be reviewed by staff and if possible made.

Zelda is heavily desired, and has made it to the review stage before. While it would take a licensing agreement with Nintendo to happen, the reason why it was declined last time was too many unique parts being required to make the set. (IGN has some info on the history of trying to get Zelda in lego form here.)

Cuusoo user Ragaru has recently achieved enough votes to head to the review process again, using less parts. Check out his work here. He doesn’t need your votes anymore, but you can drool. I also can’t imagine more hits on the page would be a bad thing!

Ragaru isn’t the only one trying to make Zelda Lego a reality. Click Here to check out other users propasals and if you like them, sign up and give them a vote (i did!)

The lines between toys and video games are blurring with items like Skylanders being hugely successful. I think this would be a great way to get kids who love legos into Zelda and her faithful hero Link, as well as get video gaming kids into a creative toy like lego.

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Simpons Game of Thrones opening

If your like me, you haven’t paid much attention to the Simpsons in awhile, but they have done something awesome here. They have parodied the popular Game of Thrones’ opening. I’ve copied below and before you ask, the reason for the gap and the reverse of the images, is so that it doesn’t get taken down.

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My thoughts on Joe Club’s Iceberg exclusive membership figure.

08_CobraCommanderThe G.I.Joe club has revealed their exclusive Iceberg figure. This is the club incentive figure for next year, and all you have to do is sign up before March 15th and you will get this figure in the mail. You can visit their site here.

I was really looking forward to Iceberg, and i thought he would make a great addition to my G.I.Joe arctic troops.

iceberg-25th-anniversary-gijoe_1361218983It’s been said that the head is not final, and we can only hope.  The lack of detail would instantly stand out when placed with other figures, although the white stand will do that anyways.

The gear looks nice, it comes from the canceled ROC arctic Duke. The torso is from the 25th Snow serpent, arms from 30th airtight the legs came from the 25th spirit. The legs are where these figure becomes a catastrophic failure. He is far too top heavy The tight to the skin pants are clearly not think enough to keep him warm, or to balance off the upper half.  The right upper leg remains warped looking which only adds to my disappointment.

I don’t want it said i’m always down on the club. last year’s footloose and con set looked phenomenal ! I loved the FSS Jinx (as a said in my review here)  but something is off this year, and they are swinging mostly misses.

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Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, a look at what could have been!

marvellogoAvengers: Earth’s  Mightiest Heroes is in my opinion the greatest marvel toon ever made. Sadly it’s been canceled to make way for a more movie like and kid friendly (not serialized) story telling.  Comic Book has posted a series of pics of designs on what could have been.  I drooled over them, some really obscure characters, famous story lines, and neat cameos. I’ve mirrored one image below but for more images head here to the gallery on Comic Book


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Taco Bell Smothered burrito review

I recently stopped at a different than my usual Taco Bell. I was pleased to discover that they still had the elusive smothered burrito that was exclusive to the Dayton Ohio area a few months ago. I had missed my earlier chance to eat one as their availability coincided with my sons birth.


The burrito comes in 3 varieties; beef,chicken, and steak. The sauce is similar to an enchirito but the smothered burrito has less of an onion taste. The burrito contains rice sour cream and cheese as well as your choice of meat.


This is a very sloppy burrito but I should state mine flew from my passengers seat to the floor as I avoided an idiot driver. But with an included spork but t doesn’t seem to messy.

I really enjoyed it and hope it will be picked up by Taco Bell at large, or at least ones closer to me!

And the Baja Blast Freeze in the pic that I had reported earlier ? It’s a very sweet version of the soda that reminds of an icee because of its foamy consistency.

Also if your wondering why there has been a serious lack of updates, I have been and still am sick with some sort of Martin death flu. This meal was an odd choice for my first solid food in awhile, I was only intending to grab the freeze. But I was glad I gave it a chance.


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Super Mario Busters

ghostbusterstrophyA very cool mash up video has recently hit youtube. It retells the story of the first Ghostbusters story using Mario and his crew with a special guest from another Nintendo franchise.   The animation looks professional, and the music mixing is astounding.  It’s embedded below, give it a look.

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G.I.Joe’s red ninja shows up in new wolverine line

Credit in pic, give him a follow good toy fair coverage.

Like this variant a lot more than the retaliation dragon ninja, paint wise. The fig makes a great generic ninja. EDIT: Now that I look on more than just my cell phone I can see they reduced the articulation! oh well, it went from buying  multiples to an easy pass.

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