New Partner on the Site, New Name, an upcoming Podcast and more!

nerdnationminilogoBig announcement time.Toy Nation was always intended to cover more than toys, but with my interest mainly in Joe, and the name Toy right in the Logo, it was hard to look past.  i Almost went with Nerd Nation from the beginning and when Jaxs Trugrave asked me about a podcast…. and was going to use the the name Nerd Nation we got to talking. Very similar goals lead us to partner up. So welcome about Jaxs! He will soon along with, his co-producer Aaron will be bringing a podcast to discuss all things nerdy. I’ll be on there as well when able, but my appearance might be held off for a few weeks while real life gets in the way.

Currently the same domain will take you here, but that will be transitioned over, and the Logo may undergo further changes (upon seeing it blown up i think it’s too bright)  but we will still be bringing you the same articles, and hopefully be expanding more as time goes on to include more focus beyond (but not replacing) my G.I.Joe fanaticism.

The G.I.Joe custom contest voting continues until next friday so click HERE to place a vote.

In addition to that, I will continue an as planned transition in what i write. As I finish up my backlog of figure reviews, I have plans to broaden into some Dragon Age themed reviews and pieces as well as some top lists, more video game content, and movie reviews. You can expect a lot more updates and content from me, in about 3 weeks as I finish this semester.

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It only gets better from here. -revsears

Help Needed letting the G.I.Joe Collector’s club know we want Bombardier to be named after a certain fan…

gi-joe-the-rise-of-cobra-logoWhom we Joe fans now call bombardier was once a mysteryious grey flash that it took years to identify.  Head over to Yojoe‘s article about the mystery figure HERE. It’s a neat story and has spawned a lot of attention of the years. It turns out it was mock up for the Palitoy action force line using 82 flash’s parts.


Image Mirrored from

Dave Tree of allthecoolstuff was instrumental in solving this mystery, and the Figure subscription service 2 will feature the the character. It’s been suggested on YOJOE that this figure be named after Dave Tree, who besides being an knowledgeable joelebrity (joe +celebrity) is also a cool guy i had the please of talking with quite a bit at con this year.   I think it would be an appropriate way to honor him for his hard work over the years educating us all both just as an excited fan on the boards or in person, and at the con this past year with an excellent panel. I’m asking that everyone who can take a minute to hit him the Club’s Contact page HERE and let them know if you think it’s a good idea. I did, after complimenting then an excellent con.

hosted here, but credit for these is images is

hosted here, but credit for these is images is

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G.I.Joe: Spec Ops social game is being shut down.

08_CobraCommanderThe G.I.Joe spec ops facebook page has posted the following info:

It is with sadness that we inform you that G.I. JOE: Special Ops will be shut down on 1st May 2013.

We love G.I. JOE Special Ops and are very proud of it. We are extremely thankful for the many players who were so passionate about this game. Your dedication has been fantastic. We have learned a lot from all of your valuable feedback and will use what we learned to create an even better user experience going forward.

Thank you for your interest, excitement and passion for G.I. JOE: Special Ops. We truly appreciate it!

We have other great games we hope you enjoy.

Stardrift Empires Nova

Mecha Galaxy

-The G.I. JOE: Special Ops Team

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Toy Nation Movieverse 1.5 contest VOTING TIME!

08_CobraCommanderIt’s finally that time, to vote and choose a winner for an excellent custom contest with some great and hard to choose from entries.

This figures represent Characters as they would have appeared in the movieverse, perhaps inbetween the movies or may have appeared on screen but we didn’t get a toy of.

If your viewing this from the man page click below to see the rest of the story and pictures and find out how to vote. Continue reading

2013 G.I.Joe con exclusive Freestyle review

Yo Joe! Freestyle is an excellent codename.  I have to start by saying that right off the bat, so many figures have been hindered by terrible names over the years, and in recent years we have seen very few new characters introduced, so i’m very pleased we get a new character, that’s female, an immigrant,minority, a new pilot, and she even has a name so cool and Joe esque it feels like a Joe should have already taken it.

freestylefilecardToday at the history of G.I.Joe panel Larry Hama said, “without moral and ethical cores you don’t have characters and without characters you don’t have a story.” (Larry Hama) I thought the first interesting thing I could do would be to stack this new Joe up against that qoute.  Freestyle comes from a diverse lower income background that by itself points to a resolute spirit that allowed to attain her spot with the Joes. There seems to be potential hinted at here, that she is serious and don’t unwind often and is more gaurded individual. Her ethical code might be one of hardwork, and no nonsense. Hama’s qoute plays out best when looking at a story arc, not a file card, and I think i’d like to see Freestyle get incorporated into future stories to further flesh her out. Her filecad isn’t spectacular like SE, or Hit n Run, but there is a spark of potential there.


On to the review. She makes use of the ROC covergirl/ 25th v 2 lady Jaye body parts except for 25th wild bills lower legs (which is unfortante in my opinion) and a Quarrel/Glenda Scarlet head. Her helmets original came with 30th ace(as pictured above) or 25th lift ticket. I’ve been told her vest is new, but it looks very similar to the canceled comic pack arctic scarlet to me. Continue reading

2013 G.I.Joe con CHUCKLES and freebie ATV review

Chuckles and the con attendee exclusive free vehicle are next up for my continuing series of reviews for Joe con 2013 review items (all will be on the page joecon2013 for easy and grouped viewing.)

First up is Chuckles, who is no longer sports a silly bright shirt, and goofy pop eye arms (as he did in the 25th era release.)


Chuckles now comes with a 25 th viper torso, renegade duke arms, upper poc wave 3 legs and lower legs used in various places like DG shipwreck but I am unsure of their first usage. Some of these parts have become nearly uniform with their re-use, and that’s okay because it’s only near uniform, things are still changed up and colored differently, and we still get unique looking characters, and the fact it helps Hasbro or in this case the club keep costs down only helps us get more of the new and unusual tooling.


I apologize for the washed out look of this pic, please keep in mind I took it in a hotel room the night I received the figure.

His shirt his still flowered helping him be easily identified as chuckles but with a much more believable look. The best is a nice tactical touch, and it’s good to have the optional hoslter but they two do not work well together.  Without the vest his lack of belt is obvious, but it’s not that troublesome.  some are not a fans of this head, but i feel it’s a good head, and it’s not necessary to match the old version exactly and I appreciate the consistency. I actually think this will replace the current normal chuckles on my shelf.


I’d score this figure a 9/10

as a transition photo it’s worth noting that chuckles comes with a helmet which lead me to connect him with… Continue reading

Club panel quick notes

No crazy legs because hotel wouldn’t let the. Toss out a parachute of 4 ”

Light foot and other and not done because expensive accessories

Club says font blame them for rush and late notice of con

More of this set than anything else , demand on the rise

Look to be able try and control numbers as we register (with it being further out from registration )

Was a jerk that yelled about 2 lines,

No more 12 ” lost talker figures for now

Future kreo dependent on hasbro for permission

Future use of nf heads and characters in Fss possible if we demand it !

FFs 2 news from club

08_CobraCommanderThe FSS 2 line up has been revealed:

Dragon sky
Nf falcon
Skull buster
Big bear
Admiral keel haul
Brazil tiger force airtight
Bombardier )made Dave Tree happy)
Cobra desert scorpion
Brazil Tiger force shipwreck
Tool booth
Wide scope

and of course a mysterious 13th figure again.

It will have a Mid to late April order period

2 pics soon (dragonsky and skull buster incoming )

The club staff, when asked if  Keel-Haul would come with the flag, they joked about a flag in a bottle accessory, but honestly, I think that idea sounds awesome!


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