New G.I.Joe IOS Game, what can we expect?

5by5nA new G.I.Joe game is game is coming for the IOS, to find out more head HERE , and you’ll want to pre-register to get a rare stormshadow card!
The studio behind the game also has released Transformers Legends for IOS and it can give us some clues about what to expect.

I downloaded the game and am working on a review now, but what I can tell you is that it is mostly card focused, but also includes some click to knock down missiles, and scan to search for items/cards sections and has an extensive card assortment to collect digital. It’s free to play but if you want to have a higher chance at getting better cards or want to level up faster, your going to need to pay.

The card battle itself is not involved, so i wouldn’t expect magic the gathering style combat for the Joe version either, but it involves leveling and combining cards outside of combat, and letting the cards play out on their own, which reminds me just a bit of the G.I.Joe trading card game from the Valor Vs. Venom era.

The game does feature a campaign as well as changes to battle others and i’d expect those modes to carry over in the joe form. The Transformers have two versions of each character than you can scan together (vehicle and bot) for a better card, i don’t know how that could carry forward.

I’m heading out for the weekend, hopefully a more proper review of the Legends game will be up next week, as I’ll be playing it a bit more as I travel.


Tim Curry as the Joke in this terrifying for a kids cartoon clip (hear what could have been prior to Hamil)

Batman_USA_Flag_Logo2_POP_190_190.jpgBatman’s villain the Joker is just as iconic as the dark knight himself. While some might debate Ledger vs. Nicholson, fans of the 90’s animated series could easily point to Mark Hamil’s incarnation of the character as the voice they always hear in their head. The laugh he pulls off will forever be the joker in my mind for sure.

Recently i discovered that Mark Hamil wasn’t the original pic for the role, it was originally set to go to Tim Curry, but his take was deemed too scary for a kids cartoon. Below is a rare youtube clip that i have to agree is somewhat scary even as an adult!

Think now that Hamil has retired from the role we should get this back? Agree that he is too scary? let us know by jumping to the forum by clicking HERE.


I hope all have had a blessed memorial day.

CapShield05I’d like to express my thanks to all who are giving in service to this country, and all who have given including the ultimate price. It’s obvious i have a love for the ideas of U.S. when i created the site both the original toy nation a decade ago, and the new version and the Nerd Nation it has become. I am deepy thankful for those who have paid the price for the freedoms I enjoy. While this holiday is intended to honor those who have fallen, i can’t help but also see it as a reminder to always remember our Veterans and those who are still in activity duty. To youreal G.I.Joes (of all branches), the true American Heroes, I say Thanks and God Bless you.



Did you know HannaBarbara once rescued a daycare from Disney?

yogibearYesterday I was happy to be on an upcoming Nerdiversity 101 podcast discussing Hanna Barbara. As you wait for it to be posted, I wanted to share a touching story that can be confirmed on Snopes about Hanna Barbara that might make you interested in the company.

Despite being well known for classic cartoons like Yogi Bear the Flintstones and others, or even for more mature efforts like Johnny Quest or Swat Kats, I always associate the Hanna Barbara name with swooping in to save a day care from a threatened law suit from Disney back in 1989.

A day care came under fire when Disney learned they were using unlicensed paintings of Disney characters on their wall. Rather than seeing it as free advertising (which come one, it was going to mentally imbed these kids with the image of Disney characters!) Disney wanted money or the images removed. The big corporate Giant could easily squash the daycare center, as they would later go on to i many lawsuits with other company over the years, but thankfully the law-suit didn’t need to proceed as the images were taken down.

Hanna Barbara swept and foot the bill for a repaint removing the Disney images and giving the day care official artwork of cartoon characters. Granted this did get them some free publicity, and made Disney looks like a cruel corporate giant, I’m sure those were bonuses to Hanna Barbara, but I’m sure the kids and day care workers were thankful.

stay tuned for the podcast, in the meantime hit up our forums for all manner of nerd discussion. The forums now match the new nerd Nation name and theme.




Marvel Universe Professor X review

Time to finally Catch up with my reviews starting with a third in a series of three reviews I started in MARCH!  First up Marvel Universe’s Professor X!

I got in a trade with forum user and CFA owner JJlecaros and since then i have picked up a few extra and love them for parts.

xaiver1the chair and head are new, but the rest are from San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Rise of Cobra Destro.

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G.I.Joe Dossiers interviews by Skinny featuring Bombstrike and Roadblock in episode 1 and 2

08_CobraCommander Nerd Nation Forum user skinny is a great contributor to Joe fandom, often tipping folks off with news and of course the recent Mindbender’s clinic.  Now he has put some work into live action interviews with G.I.Joe characters! Actors portray some of our favorite Joes as their backgrounds, characters, and interactions with other Joes and cobras are explored.

First up is Bombstrike the 3rd Stall sibling. While on receiving one figure in the Valor Vs Venom days her brothers and their conflict  have received a lot of fan praise. Barrel Roll and Blackout were most recently in the Joe Club’s figure Subscription Service were Blackout was the mysterious 13th figure only available to subscribers and is one of the rarest official Joes ever produced!

Boy does go in depth and stay true to the filecards! Love the character, loved her pre-production name (bombshell) and  loved the stalls story in the DDP comics, which doesn’t exactly match what’s shared here but is very much worth read!

Episode 2 features  a more familiar Joe, who in the movies now the leads the team, check out Roadblock:

Another good performance that digs deep into Joe Lore, specifically Marvel Comics this go around.

Skinny did an excellent job with these and i look forward to more!Hit up his actual youtube page via the videos above and give him some likes and subscribe !

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Additional Domain Name added, and additional site updates!

nerdnationminilogo To further demonstrate my intent to cover a wider range of nerd topics and in cooperation with Nerdiversity 101 podcast, I announced a name change awhile back, now you can view us at the additional url, . In additional I have further tweaked our new logo,and added it to the message boards, which have a new url as well (just click on the forums link above that route still works.)

I have also continued to tweak the forums as I learn the software and have added some previous less trafficked forums back, but as sub forums so the forums look a little more tidy, but still have plenty of places for discussion. Please continue to let me you know what you think.  I have more free time than the past couple of months and hope to further improve the site.

Minor Update:

Of course it should be noted that any previous link to the forums will now no longer work and I will work to update some of the past stories, especially those who still get hits or i refer back too, to a correct link on the forum!


Quick Xbox one notes pt 2

Emphasis on Tv and interaction with storytelling .

Live action Halo Tv series with Spielberg heading it up! Called a premium show

Nfl partnership with exclusive content and real time fantasy league updates

Nothing to dispel drm rumors

No price

Xbox one launch date only “later this year”

Few games shown but 15 exclusices in first year

All dlc for cod launched on Xbox first

Call of duty ghosts shown!

It is all knew world and characters and game engine

Ghosts are essentially GI joes after attack on US cripples us

Dogs are a part of your squad

Better story hired award winning writer from traffic

Dynamic maps, more character customization

Model comparison shows great improvement

New trailer looks great

Quick Xbox one notes pt 1

It is name Xbox one

Kinnect 2.0 is mandatory and comes with each system. Can now tell the difference between even te turn of a wrist

Cloud powered

New trending panel

Dedicated game DVR

An extra tab can be snapped opened

Voice activated instant switching between TV games movies etc

Background updating

Espn can bring up a fantasy tab live

Skype using the 1080 p kinnect