Creating G.I.Joe: A Real American hero, a facebook page and project you should follow!

08_CobraCommanderI’m a big fan of the folks at and all kinds of behind the scenes  material. A new project has emerged on the facebook site creating G.I.Joe: a Real American Hero that has simliar behind the scenes images and stories. The Author hopes to turn into a book, check it out and like the page to show your support. -revsears

A piece of gaming news E3 overshadowed, PVZ2, and some commentary!

nerdnationminilogoPlants Vs. Zombies is, in my opinion, the best original game ever released for IOS. Angry Birds may get a lot of level, but it doesn’t have the depth, the strategy, or… the brains that PVZ does.  Popcap is back with a real sequel. Sure we know about the xbox exclusive shooter Garden warfare, and even the new facebook game, but the true sequel was announced just before E3

Beyond that there are some clues that  youtuber xXadanfimeXx has pulled from the trailer.

“Roses are Red

Snow peas are blue

Zombies are Green

and They are coming for you!”

(From the video above)

Everyone can get excited about super expensive new consoles, me, I’m looking forwarding to this, and ducktales to hold me over.

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Transformers IOS Legends review

Transformers Legends is powered by Mobage Games and is a card based rpg for mobile formats.

Hasbro at least must have been impressed, as they have an upcoming G.I.Joe Game in the works that is sad to be more similar to one of their other games, blood brothers, than the Transformers Legends.


The main portion of the game is collecting cards via opening the space bridge. You can equip the weapon cards and transcan the vehicle and robot modes into single cards boosting their power. You can choose to battle other players or play a mission that involves card battles as well and other scanning and tapping activities.


While scanning a boss of the opposite faction (you may play as either Autobots or Decepticons) may appear and you will need tap their rockets to knock them down, this earns you points that levels you up. Each level has additional rewards such as more energy to spend. Continue reading

SDCC Transformers VS G.I.Joe set is up: Parts breakdown and commentary

autobot06_transformersAMERICANFLAG02USA Today has revealed numerous Hasbro SDCC exclusives, but the ones of most interest to me are those in TF vs. Joe set

So Here is  a quick rundown of the set (so far we know of no separate singles) with parts lists and commentary.

autobothound2013Parts list: The Classic Vamp now re deco’d as a G 1 Hound

Commentary: I’d much prefer this guy:

houndxoverThe classic Vamp is sad to say, Dated. While this probably a move to please vintage collectors, they already have plenty of Vamps to choose from. While the fan made image shows a vehicle that we have only seen in blue (at least with additional back panels)

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