G.I.Joe Battleground iOS game review

5by5nG.I.Joe Battleground has been out for sometime now and most of the discussion has settled. Love it or Hate it, it’s there and it’s free.

My review was mostly completed shortly after it’s release but i held off hoping that more updates (that have happened) would change my views, they simply did not.


Hasbro owns Wizards of the Coast, the folks who make Magic the Gathering, I can’t help but point that out.  Similar to how i did in my review of the other Mobage/hasbro Game: Transformers Legends,  I long for that level of a complexity and strategy. Digital games can even go beyond that because those cards could have three or more sides of images, if they wanted to! Continue reading

live action Ghostbuster cameos outside of the movies

ghostbusterslogoSick of hearing all kinds of Ghostbusters 3 rumors and not seeing more live action Ghostbusters? While recording with Nerdiversity 101 today, we discussed Ghostbusters and it was a blast, but reminded us of the talk of the third movie. who knows if it will even happen, in the mean time check out these cameos and appearances of the cast of Ghostbusters elsewhere.

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