Boo Berry Cereal, a non nostaligic review

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d do review of a popular cereal that has made it’s way back onto the shelves, and one that I never had as a kid. I was always a fruity pebbles guy and these days I tend to end the boring healthy cereal if i do partake in a milk soaked breakfast.  (Review Below)


You can’t tell from looking at this pic, but cereal box sizes have shrunk. It’s smaller than the Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats that it joined above my fridge.  Also look at his mouth… On the right it looks like he has some sort of inward facing boil at the corner of his lip? The contents within are what’s important though.

The cereal itself is a purplish color and is only sparsely sprinkled with marshmallows, which may disappoint the kids who might want an amount on par with Lucky Charms, but it didn’t bother me. The cereal shapes stay crunchy for a good while so you don’t get the instant soggy that some cereals give you. It was good to the last bite. The taste of course is what matters most, and it was solid. It has a blue berry like taste, but it’s sweeter than a real blue berry (of course.) It wasn’t overpowering, so sugar fiends might be underwhelmed but it had loads more flavor than the last cereal I reviewed (the criminally awful Scooby Doo cereal. )

As a fan of blue berry and other fruity cereals I can easily see why there is a nostalgic love for it, I’d prefer it over Count Chocula any day, but it isn’t quite as good as my classic kid’s fav (Fruity Pebbles all the way!)   I’d give it a 8/10


8- Bit Cinema’s Take on THOR

marvellogo8-bit cinema has released an excellent mock video game adaption of the Thor movie using mostly 8 bit sprites, although some are 16 bit and seem to be based on Megaman X but I’ll forgive them. Check it out below, and you should definitely hit up their home page, subscribe and check out some of the other videos (like the Shining or G.I.Joe!)

Zombies Hate Kung Fu : A new comic announced from Very Graphic Novels

zhkfvgnimageVery Graphic Novels have set out a press release (WHICH YOU CAN VIEW HERE)

about the new comic they are launching via Kickstarter. You really should give the video on their kick starter a look. Kung Fu action in a post apocalyptic zombie world with beautiful art, an energetic british writer, and the chance to have your name printed in the back as a supporter.

With 12 days to guy they have 81% of their goal, and I encourage you to go over give it a look and if you have some cash, this looks looks fun and professional enough to fund! -revsears


IGN now has a G.I.Joe wiki… Here was my experience contributing to it.

08_CobraCommanderYou can check out the IGN wiki HERE and my work is spread through out but includes, Duke, Barrel Roll, DDP, Comic Oddities and plenty more. Of course I’m not the only one who worked on those entries, but at least other than Duke, I started those entries and did the majority of the work on them.

I found their wiki layout really smooth and easy to use. It was my first time editing a wiki but their was a prize on the line so I put in a few hours, sometimes just adding trivia to existing characters others just creating an unfleshed out stub using the suggest format so that others could fill in, but i loved getting into details as much as possible.

I ended up being a winner, and the wiki contest and the wiki itself were announced months ago but i hesitated to mention it on here as it took well past what the rules stated to find out who the winners were, and then even longer to receive prizes. I have no idea if this was the usual for IGN, but the silence went on long enough I haven’t bothered to continue editing, although I’m really thankful for the prize, and now that it’s cleared up might resume doing so. I wonder if something else was going on in the background? I know IGN was bought out this year.

Whatever the reason, the slow experience might give you pause if your after a prize, but the wiki contents are great and it’s not to late to keep making it interesting.


The Clancy, and G.I.Joe connection

authorclancyThey say it comes in threes, and this week I know of three deaths in a short time. Tom Clancy, an amazing author referenced above, Sam Petrucci a long time and skilled G.I.Joe packaging artist, and a less “nerdy” figure from outside of entertainment, influential author and pastor Chuck Smith.   Prayers and thoughts for all their families.