G.I.Joe: More reveals for the club convention set.

attachment.phpT’Jbang’s , T’Jbangs, like a bullet to your brain.

That’s right, I began with a terrible Ricky Martin reference.   I’ve been behind in posting these, but let’s start with the latest.

A New Head from Boss Fight Studios, re purposed gauntlets from ROC storm shadow, and the chest armor from a POC storm shadow. The leg’s appear to be from Ret. Snake-Eyes with the ROC storm shadow torso

The colors are bright and colorful true to the 90’s original and T’Jbang is ready to slice up some zombies. While not an exact recreation, I think it easily feels the spot for those looking to recreate the classic line again with better articulation.

Next up is FLINT:

ecoflintFor Flint the neon has been toned down from the original! New head sculpt and removable beret that belonged (although was not revealed with) the concept case 30th anniversary line.  The Helmet was designed to be a cross between Flint’s classic helm and Ozone’s.  While I can place the arms and legs as belonging to Airtight, I’m not 100% sure on the torso, I think it’s Ret. Cobra trooper with Ret. Se’s web gear.

I think this figure is darn near flawless. Flint really needed an updated head with a removable beret, it’s a shame it’s not hitting retail as far as we know. The colors make sense for the mission, with out being to glaring.  I’m a big fan.

prior to this guys the club posted the Steel Brigade Commander:

02_Steel_Brigade_CommanderYou might recognize him from the infamous concept case of canceled/unreleased figures. he is made up of the popular shock trooper body with a a standard SB helmet first seen in the ME years as coming with Ret. Pit Commando.

The vest could use paint apps, but it’s not a bad figure and is desired by many. He may be a clue to the potential con attendee exclusives, as it’s hard to imagine him commanding no one.

Let us your thoughts below, or go head to forums.



Railbusters: A Ghostbusters Movie Recreation inside Minecraft, on a roller a coaster !

creeperrburstinToday we are kicking off our first, “Minecraft Monday” with hopes to continue to link excellent Minecraft works of art, or to share trivia or articles based on Minecraft, obviously on Mondays.   First up is this amazing recreation of Ghostbusters you see linked below. It’s a flat out work of art, and had to have taken an engineering genius to pull off. After you check it out, give it a like, and check out some of the channel’s other videos. -revsears

Cobra branded Toddler cars: Unique “customs” by Dan Klingensmith Jr.

08_CobraCommanderIf Your a Joe fan you might of heard of Dan Klingensmith Jr. he is the man behind the Creating G.I.Joe A Real American Hero facebook page and eventual book as well as being your source to get the G.I.Joe documentary Code Name: Blast OFF on DVD.  Even if you know about those things, you may not have seen these excellent rides you created for his kids:

COBRACAR  Cobratruckbydanklingensmithjr

What a lucky kid!   After you check these out, give his facebook page a like so you can learn more about the creation of G.I.Joe.