Have you supported these awesome Boss Fight Studios figures yet ?

Bossfightseries1wave1The guys at Boss Fight are comprised of experienced sculptors from Hasbro, including working on my favorite line, G.I.Joe.  They have plans for a wide range of genres for future figures but have started with a Spartans vs. Gorgons, Greek Myth theme.  The figure sculpts look excellent  and can be easily broken down for customs. Some of the stretch goals look amazing (a skeleton with all new parts, glow in the dark versions, blank customizer friendly  bodies and more)

Check out their kickstarter HERE, and I’d really encourage you to invest, even if it’s just a dollar.



The potential return of the Skeleton Warriors

skeletonwarriorAn officially licensed  resurrection of the mid 90’s  Skeleton Warriors franchise is up for your consideration on Kickstarter. You may remember  the property from the creator of Captain Power, which was made up of a syndicated cartoon for one season, 6 comic issues, and a series of toys.

This kickstarter focuses on the lead bad guy Baron Dark.  The Crew behind this kickstarter have had 3 successful Glyos based action figure kickstarters already.

You can find out more about the project from this interview they did with Moderately Geeky.

I was excited to hear that although  Baron Dark is 5″ (as well as the skeletons, including the glow in the dark ones) that the line is in 4″ scale according to the toon as the skeletons were monstrous. I would prefer the scale be fudged and these be at 4″ but it gives me hope that if successfully 4″ human figures could be possible.

If your interested in picking up the ENTIRE Skeleton Warriors series on DVD it’s really cheap on Amazon.

Again, give their kickstarter a look HERE.

If you would like Skeleton Warriors to be the focus of a future Nerdversity 101 episode, let us know in the comment sessions.



Comic Book Issue of the week, this week with Cap

Nerdversity Comic Book issue of the week:

X-men Giant Size 1

Author : Aaron Wood

Nerdversity Comic Issue of the Week: Captain America – The Winter Soldier Directors Cut. (2014) Hot of the heels of The Winter Soldier movie, Ed Brubaker brings back issue 1 of vol 5 with new scenes. We see Red Skull’s assassination at the hands of The Winter Soldier, as well as Cap’s nightmares over The Bulge in 1944.


Steve Epting’s art matches perfectly with Ed Brubaker’s story, proving as to why many fans consider Brubaker’s run to be the best run of Cap ever.

Story: Ed Brubaker
Art: Steve Epting

Check out the new NERDVERSITY.COM (Merger complete)

5by5nFor over a year now the Nerdversity 101 podcast has been coming to you “regularly” ( 🙂 ) and during the time the Your Nerd Nation blog has been a strong participant sharing the news and episodes, doing some image work, and occasionally being represented on the show by me (revsears) this planned merger has been a long time coming. the yournerdnation.com is still active but the blog is now officially the blog component of Nerdversity. The new facebook page is linked on the left, and changes continue to occur to improve the layout of the blog, and the unity of the Nerdversity brand.  This means we do more together than we could apart. I am excited about things to come. -revsears

I Am Elemental, Girl Friendly Action Figure Kickstarter (36 Hours Left!)

5by5nThe folks being the I Am Elemental have a very specific goal in mind. They want to get more little girl friendly action figures to the market. Their campaign has already been fully funded but if you haven’t heard of them you may wish to check them out. There Kick starter is located HERE.  

For even more information check out the creator’s interview on the Moderately Geeky Podcast HERE.


If I had a daughter, I think this would be an easy pick up. It’s a crowded landscape for the kickstarter action figure world at the moment, but even so these stand to me, and I’m not the target audience. While not reaching G.I.Joe or Marvel Universe levels of articulation, they have serviceable joints, and a unique look.  Looking forward to seeing some reviews hit the web once these are shipped (and if you would like to one for us let me know)


Comic Book Issue spotlight: Giant Size X-Men # 1

Nerdversity Comic Book issue of the week:

X-men Giant Size 1

Author : ALEX JONES 


Deadly genesis for those of you who haven’t read it it starts off That the Cyclops escapes to return to the X-mansion tells the what what happen to the X-men. The Professor X recruits a new team to rescues the original X-men who had disappeared on a mission to the island of Krakoa. in this issue introduce New Characters as well as old ones The Return Of Sunfire,Wolverine and Banshee . Sunfire’s who Made his First appearance on X-men #64 and Wolverine first appearance was Incredible Hulk #181 and banshee X-men #28 Banshee made a on and off appearance in early on x-men issues. There first appearance of the Characters who we grow and love over the years Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Thunderbird.

The team soon learns that Krakoa is not just an island, but a giant mutant as well. Despite a number of personality clashes among the individual members, the new team succeeds in rescuing the old X-Men as well as destroying the island by shooting it into outer space with Polaris’ power. The issue ends by posing the question of the future of a 13-member X-Men team.

for those you who haven’t Read early X-men issues it’s worth Reading and you won’t be disappointed.


Story, edits — Len Wein
Pencils, cover inks — Dave Cockrum
Cover pencils — Gil Kane
Inks — Dave Cockrum & Peter Iro
Letters — John Costanza
Colors — Glynis Wein