Meet the Blue Board: Happy New Year, now with slightly updated design.

blueboardNAlthough I enjoyed our previous “chalk board” look, in the spirit of moving forward, and the new year, I thought it was a great time to go ahead with the logo changes I have planed since the name change.

Soon you will notice variations of the banner on rotation each time you visit or refresh the page.

I’ve had a great vacation, and I hope to be catching up with things I intended to post, SOON.


Sam Wells shares NEW unreleased characters and designs from G.I.Joe in our first new podcast episode!

blueboardN I’m very excited to release our first new episode, now under the Nerdrahtio banner, and with some amazing images that very few have seen before. Sam Wells returns as our guest, Tom “the Silent Assassin” takes his chair as my new co-host, and we analyze and discuss every detail about the images below, which reveal never released Characters, and unused designs from G.I.Joe in the “Joe vs. Cobra” to “Direct to Consumer” era. You can listen via the embedded player below or on our Podcast Garden audio host’s page via the link in the menu above.

Update: the player is not function for some folks, you can go to the podcast directly HERE

(for our last interview with Sam Wells go HERE) As soon as the episodes are available on stitcher and/or Itunes I’ll update the post, so you can listen easily on mobile devices on to the images, Credit to Sam Wells for the images, (please if you share credit it as Sam Wells via )We believe the designs were done by Draxhall Jump please correct us if we are wrong, and his previous domain appears to no longer be active or I would link to it. To wet your appetite a bit. pic10Then in order in which they were discussed: Continue reading

Nerdrahtio interviews Sam Wells, former DDP Staff and G.I.Joe Writer

gijoe-sm-brazil_00_00_1179514102Join  Sam (Sears) and Aaron as they chat with Sam Wells. Sam lived a dream. In this interview we discuss his internship at Devils Due Publishing and how this G.I.Joe fan ended up writing a Special Missions Brazil story inspired by the original figures. We also discuss his other work within the company including touching on his work with the filecards and the DDP era of G.I.Joe in general

If you active in the G.I.Joe Group Discussion, or the community, you may know Sam Wells as Queelock, or as Toy De Jour. He also recently made some news by sharing some concept art (shown below)

It’s a short one, but a good one, and hope to have Sam back soon (to talk about the concept art and more) you can listen to the episode  embedded below or use the drop down menu above to navigate to Itunes on Stitcher to subscribe for easy mobile listening.

Sam Wells is currently running a toy store in Chicago called Toy De Jour, give him  a like on facebook,  or visit his store’s site to see what he is up to.


None of the four shown above were released. These appear to be from the JVC/Spytroops/VVV era. Son of Kwinn would eventually become Ghost Bear in VVV and look completely different. Serpentor’s design shares the design of the Spytroops Shipwreck disguise, and in the lower right you can see DTC Scrap Iron and the disguise gear for Burnout, the new Dreadnok from that era.

Personally I love this look for all 4 shown.

and look forward to having Sam back to explain them. -Sam (Sears)

(Note this post was updated with the current audio host’s listing. Aaron left, and he and I have no affiliation with each other any longer, and we have rebranded as Nerdrahtio but have mutual use of our past podcast work together.)


Amazing Heroes wave 1.5

Looking for classic style superhero toys ? After the success of their wave 1 kickstarter Amazing Heroes is back for a wave 1.5.

Press release below:
With only a few days to go, the Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 Kickstarter campaign has released a preview of the upcoming digital Amazing Heroes Handbook, written by comic book historian Christopher Irving (Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comic Books, with photographer Seth Kushner) and featuring vintage comic book stories courtesy of the Digital Comics Library. The cover is by artist Mitch Ballard and designs is by David Go with Peter Go.

“The Handbook was a blast to write,” Irving says. “Black Terror and the Golden Age Dare-Devil are two of my first favorite Golden Age characters. To get the chance to write about them with Stardust, Captain Action, Silver Streak, and the Green Turtle was a dream come true. Now I’m just waiting to have the figures in hand next summer.”

Amazing Heroes Wave 1 was successfully funded last August. Wave 1.5 will add three more figures to this line of retro action figures: Silver Streak, Champion of Mars, and Michael Allred’s cult indy comics character Madman. It will also add Artist Edition cards for each figure, drawn by a selection of comics luminaries.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for these talented artists,” Bill Murphy of Fresh Monkey Fiction says. “It’s really been a dream come true to work with these guys, and I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have them contributing to Amazing Heroes.”

Allred will draw both Madman and Dare-Devil, Erik Larsen on Stardust the Super-Wizard, Reilly Brown on Champion of Mars, Tim Seeley on Silver Streak, Tom Fowler on Black Terror, Sonny Liew on Green Turtle, and Phil Hester on Captain Action. If funded, the card backs will feature original four-panel strips drawn by each artist.

The Amazing Heroes Wave 1.5 Kickstarter is set to end at 3 AM Eastern time on Sunday, December 21.