An unreleased era of Joe Comics ?


you can find more info on HERE.

Check out the lack of Duke and Scarlet! Hawk would have been in charge, but it’s unknown where the rest of the characters who didn’t make the cut might have been.

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Latest Episode is up! Introducing the news desk and chat about the Kerbal Space Program


Although we recorded both segments prior to the Gary Goggles Head podcast, I rushed that through editing first.  Here it is our intended second episode!

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In this podcast we introduce the news desk by covering the Marvel and DC comics and movie news, the Zelda TV show rumors and more. After that Ori(kytesh) joins me (Sam) to discuss the PC game Kerbal Space Program

The shout outs this episode:
(joe renegade)

Nerdrahtio T-Shirts available


Why T-shirts? 1. It is further protection of my intellecutal property (unfortantely I have experience with that, so as snobby as it’s sounds, its for legit reasons) 2. I WANTED ONE!

If you happen to want one you can find them HERE.

the minimum amount from zazzle will go to me if enough our purchased (5 %) the rest goes to zazzle for production of the shirt. They are more expensive because they are printed on demand.  Maybe this can be a spot for more shirts designed in the future?


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