TLS Snake-Eyes, 83 sticker style digibash.


(Slightly updated) Here is an image from a 1983 Sticker sheet which  fans have theorized contained an early or original design for Snake-Eyes. Further discussion has revealed slightly conflicting information in the Joe discussion group, it sounds like he was always intended to come in black but grey highlights may have been cut or may not have depending on who you ask. This black look was a nod to the S.A.S. and does appear to be have been planned. Thus despite fan theory (and one I believed until recently, and I even discussed with Gary Head on the old nerdversity 101 podcast) it appears this should more accurately be called “Sticker” Snake-Eyes instead of “concept” Snake-Eyes, especially if we use concept in the exact same way as we do with blowtorch, although broadly it could be called the sticker company’s concept for a design of SE, but it’s definitely not the original.

Those who stopped by the Declassified panel at Coil Con saw my copy of the sticker sheet (which has some other cool gems on it too)

Beneath is my recreation of the color scheme using Joe Allard’s designs for the The Loyal Subjects Snake-Eyes. I choose to keep the grey as the sticker had but toned it down. The ungloved hands are from the upcoming Dusty. Expect the real figures in November and check out the full gallery of them HERE.

And we recently did a full podcast interview with the designer Joe Allard you can listen to HERE.


I am not thrilled with the camo, but this was my first time doing it, learned a lot along the way and I think It will turn out better next time.

Let the TLS Crew know if you like it HERE  and Jonathan and crew already have my blessing to use it, they just need to make sure I can get one haha! I think it would go nicely with my concept art blowtorch (See HERE)

For comparison sake:

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podcast 015: Interview w/ Toy Designer Joe Allard MOTU/TMNT/G.I.Joe and more for TLS/MONDO/Sideshow and more!ndo and sideshow

In the latest episode of the Nerdrahtio podcast we discuss Joe’s past work with Sideshow (including an unreleased pimp daddy Destro) Mondo (, the1/6 scale turtles)  and his ongoing work on The Loyal Subjects action vinyl lines.

You can listen via the embedded player below   or find us on Stitcher and Itunes using the drop down menu above. Be sure to keep scrolling down to find links to our image galleries as well as some text notes from the interview.

shoutouts from this episode were: Springboro Hobby and Action Figure Fanatics.

text notes:

Clutch was revealed via Nerdrahtio on time while I was behind on editing,this podcast should have come along with it. Expected to be open window boxed or classic closed box , but obviously won’t be a blind box.

Want to get a non chase Baroness?  Will red or blue do ?

No official announcements, but keep an ear out for Thundercats as it is a very strong possibility. (Update, thundercats ARE happening!)

Due to licensing TLS does not have the rights to do vehicles for TMNT and it’s not likely they can do playsets either. Tell playmates you want them to be allowed to!

Upcoming figs are designed to be workable with their vehicles and animals, and while it may not be true for the turtles you should be able to get a Joe on battlecat or he-man in your vamp.

Power Ranger wave 2 will still be MMPR, still working on how to get the individual zords to combine!

BONUS UPDATE: Jonathan Cathey has confirmed Street Fighter will have knee articulation and “be like Joe”

Many questions where from the TLS OFFICIAL FB GROUP which you can (and should) join HERE.

(full disclosure, Sam is an Admin in the official TLS group and started that after our interview with Jonathan Cathey)

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and you can expect more to be added often!

You can also see some of our Loyal Subjects reviews and openings on Youtube HERE

or check out our past interview with Jonathan Cathey HERE.

stay tuned in the next couple of days for some digital art and custom painted  The Loyal Subjects figs! -Sam

Beauty and the Beast – The Villain We Never Realised Was Evil

We all know the backstory to the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”. An old woman visits the great castle of a rich and haughty prince. She begs for shelter from the cold outside, but in his arrogance he shuns her and sends her away. Being more than an old lady, the woman shows her true form, a great, beautiful, and powerful enchantress. She punishes the cruel prince by placing a curse on him and his home, turning him into a horrid beast and the staff into the furniture they tended to. She also gave him a rose, which was his lifeline. If he found TRUE love before it wilted, he would be free of the curse. It seems like the story of a bad man being set into his place and taught a lesson. But is that all there is to it? Not at all. 

The curse stated that the rose would wilt on the beast’s 21st birthday. That’s not very old at all, and we know that the beast has been there for a while, so it has been a few years since the curse was placed upon him. But how long are we talking? 

Well, if you go by the lyrics of “be our guest”, Lumierre states that they have been rusting for “ten years”. Its a very specific time frame. Some may say he’s being metaphorical, but if he were surely he would say many years or something less specific, but he doesn’t. He specifically says ten years. Since the rose wilts during the timeframe of the film, I think it’s easy to say that this proves that the prince must have only been 12 at the oldest, depending on how much time takes passes during the film. 

Now let us look at the enchantress again. She curses not a noble and arrogant prince who should know better and deserves what he got, but a bratty kid who was just being a kid. He sees an old lady at the door asking for shelter, offering a rose, and he says no. He was a brat, yes, but surely no more than other kids, and definitely not deserving being cursed to be a beast for so long. The enchantress in the introduction is just as wicked and cruel as any Disney Villain in any other film, and the facts that prove it are right there in the film. No digging, no stretching the facts, no interpretations. It’s all there, and if you know that, it also lets you see the film in a different light.

The beast was 11 or 12 when cursed, then he locked himself away from the world. Keep this in mind and now think about how he acts. During the snowball fight, when he fails at eating correctly, or even when he gets angry at Belle going into the old wing. When you factor his age into it, it all makes a lot more sense. He has been alone with his transformed staff for so long that he never really grew up. Inside, he IS still a child. Belle shows him how to grow up. That, in the end, is the story of Beauty and the Beast. 


Iron GrenadierHello Joe fans! I’m taking some pictures of my Iron Grenadiers army which I hope to share soon in the group. Most of them are modern era figures with almost all the vintage and new IG vehicles. As I consider it is one of the most attractive sub teams, I’m wondering why the last convention sets didn’t give us an updated IG Destro, even a Baroness (If we can consider her as part of IG) What do you think? Somebody can share some info about the cancelled Destro in the picture?
Which Destro’s modern era version did you consider as the more adequate for IG?
By Panama Joe

Kenner Aliens “Warrior Alien” Video review

upload_thumbnailFor the latest video review I go way back to a classic Kenner line and check out a figure I missed as a kid.  It’s mind boggling to think that when I (and many of you) were kids R rated movies with such dark premises got toylines! That thought aside the figure holds up, it has dated articulation, but great detail and paint for the era. Check out the full review below!

Hot Topic interviews Jonathan Cathey of the Loyal Subjects #tlsarmy #stayloyal

blueboardNWe interviewed him awhile back HERE but Hot Topic has a short video interview you should check out below. It has some great clips from their Transformers vs. Joe webisodes.

I can honestly say that Jonathan is legit. The company gives artists a lot of credit, he shares the credit, brags on others, lifts others up rather than puts them down, owns his mistakes, listens to fans, and clearly has passion. I have a couple of favorite small companies out there, but it’s very easy to root for TLS.

podcast Episode 14 COIL CON is coming!

Scoilconimageunday the 16th starting at 9 am Coil Con is going to be a blast.   Exclusives, Joe Declassified, Booths like Chris Neal, Nova and More, a couple of things new to Coil, like a projector on the floor, panels in a separate and some image reveals you will want to see !

Check out the quick episode emedded below, which also available on Itunes or stitcher. Beneath that check out some of our Coil Con Facebook Galleries and two reviews of Coil Con Items.

Coil Con II exclusives Gallery

Coil Con IV

Coil Con V exclusives

Review of Weaponsmith and Shrike  (VIDEO)

Review of Naja Boot and Street Hawk   (WRITTEN)

Life is Strange Episode 2 – Out of Time Livestream Tonight

Hey there guys! Just to let you know that I’ll be doing week 2 of my Life is Strange playthrough tonight on at 8pm GMT

The storm is coming, snow has fallen in the middle of summer, a girl is missing, and we have uncovered the power to control time. Join me tonight when the storyline starts getting stranger and blame starts being accrued.