Pulling some TLS Blind Boxes, then talking about them.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge fan of The Loyal Subjects and TMNT is a a shared interest between me and my son. This time the little guy was in trouble, so I pulled and discussed two blind boxes by myself. Enjoy in the video below. If you dig what you see, keep reading below the video! Likes, comments, and  subscribes are appreciated.

I became a big fan of the TLS figures after checking one out when interviewing their CEO for the Nerdrahtio Podcast.  You can head straight to their store here to dig into their upcoming wave 2  or if you wish you could use my amazon affiliate link to grab some wave 1 boxes on Amazon view the link below. This is the first time I have put up an amazon affiliate link, and want you to know that yes, If a purchase is made I get a small “bird dog” fee that could add up, and help me pay for the site’s hosting, give away items etc.

The Loyal Subjects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 1 Figure

Warner Bros. Gives PC Gamers The Cold Shoulder over Mortal Kombat

blueboardNWarner Bros Interactive have had a bad time with PC games recently, what with the abysmal release condition of Arkham Knight, a game that was removed from the steam store for months before coming back, still in a broken state, and the the release of Mortal Kombat X which saw some people unable to even play the game, and others only getting parts of the game as it refused to download the whole thing due to a poorly integrated “play as you download” system.

Yesterday, it seems WB finally showed their thoughts on their PC owning player base when they released a trailer for the upcoming complete edition of the game, which also showed off the next pack of DLC, containing such cameo characters as leather face and the Xenomorph from Alien. The trailer advertised the release for Xbox One and Playstation 4, but notably absent was any mention of PC or steam. When asked about this, a representative from the company simply stated that the content would not be releasing for the PC platform. No reason was given for this decision, it was just done.

For WB to do this is a very low blow for a customer base that has paid for their games KNOWING that this game was being released with future content in mind, even to the point of dlc being offered as pre-order incentives before the first actual gameplay trailer for the thing was released. They cannot in good conscience say that they delivered everything that they promised, because from the start they sold Mortal Kombat X as a platform for more content to be added to in the future.

What do you think about this? Do you think that they have every right to throw in the towel after their bad history of launches, or do you think that the PC gamers deserve the same content as the console gamers, the content they have just as much of a right to? Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts

G.I.Joe’s Breaker had a marvel accurate head? Check it out w/ the Nerdrahtio Podcast Crew

11798334_10207624784324809_276587581_nSam, Tom, Drew, and a certain noted author chat w/ Jonathan Robinson, as he talks about his ebay find of an alternate (marvel accurate) Breaker head, that was set to be released in 1984.  To listen you can click the player below, or search for Nerdrahtio on Itunes or Stitcher.  Be sure to keep scrolling for pics.


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