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3.75 INCH JOE by Dan Klingensmith Jr. Book announcement.

3.75bookcover3.75 INCH JOE

from Steel City Publishers:

Steel City Publishing LLC would like to announce the Fall 2014 release of: “3.75 Inch Joe: Inside the Minds of the Creators 1982-1994”

G.I.Joe* is one of the most recognizable and well known action figure lines in history, yet there is no full story showing the creation process of the G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero brand that ran from 1982-1994.
Well that’s about to change with the release of “3.75 Inch Joe: Inside the Minds of the Creators 1982-1994″ !!
Although there have been many books written about G.I.Joe, what makes “3.75 Inch Joe: Inside the Minds of the Creators 1982-1994” unique is the fact that the information shared within the book comes from exclusive interviews with former employees who worked on the G.I.Joe Brand. Some of the things to expect include:

• The inspiration and influences behind the different figures and vehicles
• Alternate names for figures and vehicles
• Insider stories regarding the changes that occurred during the design process
• Conceptual designs and photographs that will show the progression and different stages of creating a figure or vehicle
• And much more…

This book will have a limited run and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a Non-Profit Organization. The expected release date will be Fall 2014! More information will come in the near future regarding the size of the book and what it will cost. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and patience over the last few years!
Thank you

Publisher: Steel City Publishing LLC

*Every effort has been made to locate the copyright holders of some select material used in this book. Should there be any omission, we apologize and shall be pleased to make the appropriate acknowledgements in future editions. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the publisher.

Neither the author nor the publisher are sponsored by or associated with Hasbro, Inc., or its affiliates. G.I.Joe, all associated character, vehicle, and group names, and their respective likeliness’s, are trademarks of Hasbro. © 2014 Hasbro. All rights reserved. Hasbro Inc. assumes no responsibility for the content of this book. This book is a result of the author’s independent research on the subject matter and is intended to provide information for collectors.


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First Joe con exclusive figure revealed : Cobra Lab Rat


The cobra lab rat is said to be based on cobra cartoon scientists ( but that head really hurts that idea)

He comes with a suitcase with the compound z introduced in the pursuit of cobra line an injector to zombify their victims and a repurposed bomb ( now called a tablet ) that first came with a 25th CC in a MASS device pack.

The ultimate CC arms work well with the the Rise of Cobra Rex lab coat but the blue colored. Ultimate cc body underneath is obviously CC in a way that robs the figure of standing on his own. The head would work as an alternative a removable gas mask but the hat underneath the hood betrays a lack of formality and uniform.

The Arbco label is a nice detail referring to the RAH legitimate front business for Cobra. sadly the large Cobra symbol on the chest ruins the disguise similar to the way blatant deception logos would draw attention in traffic.

The set will will come with 2 of these for the rest of the sets reveals stay tuned both here and at Gijoecon.com

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Good news everyone!   The G.I.Joe Contest I originally told you about here, is still on and the deadline has not only been extended, but the prize package has been sweetened ! I’ll be adding one Con exclusive Saw Viper to the list of prizes.  To get your interested, here are pics of the prizes, for details about the contest, keep reading after the pictures.


This bad boy could be yours, for free! Just enter the contest as this is now one of the prize options!

The other prizes are:

The Hard to find Ashiko with Armor Cycle

Hard to find, and often sought after.

Hard to find, and often sought after. I was lucky to get it at that price, but you can get it for a picture of a custom !

And the entire wave of Discount Store figures (First paint schemes)

The 2012 surprise and Hot Joe Item

The 2012 surprise and Hot Joe Item

This black trooper is the hardest to find in the set. this is the only one i have ever seen in the wild.

This black trooper is the hardest to find in the set. this is the only one i have ever seen in the wild.

The New Deadline: April 15th. Yes that’s after Joecon, and possibly more importantly, that’s after the custom class you can find out about here.  This way if your going to con you have an extra chance to work on your custom, possibly with the help form experts. Yes someone going to Con would already have the chance to own a couple of Saw-vipers, but it’s an army builder right! and it will be worth $, not to mention it’s not the only prize that can be chosen from.  Being after con also allows me to get the saw-viper to the winner quickly, and if you hurry, will also allow a customizer more inspiration from seeing the Retaliation movie!

1st place will choose his prize, then 2nd place, and the third man will get the left overs.

The original post (with the rules) follows:

The Theme is Movie Verse 1.5. The idea is simple, with the upcoming retaliation movie there is a lot of hope it will do well, and reflection on what went wrong with Rise of Cobra. To enter the contest you have several options, 1. 1.5 can refer to an improvement on the designs of the original movie or the upcoming retaliation, such as repainting the Joes or Cobras to look more classic but using movie parts, 2. You can make a custom of a character appeared in the original movie but did not get a figure,( like Paris pursuit scarlet) or a character we have seen an image of in the Retaliation trailer or press releases but do not have a figure for (like spec ops or White uniform CC) 3. Finally you can make a figure of a movie character from the first movie, as they might appear in between the movies (Like using a Tatum head, but giving us an urban style Duke, or giving us a movie scarlet head, but in desert fatigues)

The rules:
1. You must be registered here on Toy Nation and have a post count minimum of 25 (which should be easy to do) to win.
2. You may enter as many customs as you like, but each person can only win one prize.(so if you place 1st and 2nd, i’d skip to number 3)
3. All customs will be shown on the forums, and will be open to vote by all members of the forums (invite your friends)
4. The point is to update or be in the movie universe, no 100 % arah updates please.
5. You may post work in progress threads, but if you do elsewhere, please also post them here!


as always you can join the discussion on the forums.