Nerdrahtio (and Tom Brooks) Interviews Josh Blaylock about Operation Nemesis and some Joe talk and even more!

operationnemesisThe Legendary Tom Brooks from Reasonably Intelligent Ramblings joined us as we interviewed Devils Due founder Josh Blaylock. We first discuss his new book, Operation Nemesis, the most serious thing we have ever talked about Nerdrahtio. You could read me review HERE, but as a reminder, it’s about a real genocide, real revenge, real war, and real court room drama, with Nazi’s, religious conflict and more.

We then turn to Josh Blaylock’s time with G.I.Joe (after a short trip talking about weird for 15 minutes or so) and other upcoming and ongoing comics published by Devils Due.

Finally Tom Brooks, Tom Mathias and myself (Sam) chat comic tv news, followed by FSS and other G.I.Joe talk with our news desk.

You can listen via the embedded player below or use the drop down menu above to locate us on Stitcher, Itunes or directly at our audio host: Podcast Garden.

Several images follow in relation to our Joe Talk but I first want to plug Tom Brook’s blog, click his happy mug to head over and check it out. There you will find tons of images of the FSS figures we end up talking about.  I’d also love for you to help add some images!  If yo ucould provide us with an image of heartwrencher from the DDP comic, or white guy varient Alpine we could host here (or maybe something else you here us talk about), we would appreciate it. E-mail us at

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Boo Berry Cereal, a non nostaligic review

In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d do review of a popular cereal that has made it’s way back onto the shelves, and one that I never had as a kid. I was always a fruity pebbles guy and these days I tend to end the boring healthy cereal if i do partake in a milk soaked breakfast.  (Review Below)


You can’t tell from looking at this pic, but cereal box sizes have shrunk. It’s smaller than the Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats that it joined above my fridge.  Also look at his mouth… On the right it looks like he has some sort of inward facing boil at the corner of his lip? The contents within are what’s important though.

The cereal itself is a purplish color and is only sparsely sprinkled with marshmallows, which may disappoint the kids who might want an amount on par with Lucky Charms, but it didn’t bother me. The cereal shapes stay crunchy for a good while so you don’t get the instant soggy that some cereals give you. It was good to the last bite. The taste of course is what matters most, and it was solid. It has a blue berry like taste, but it’s sweeter than a real blue berry (of course.) It wasn’t overpowering, so sugar fiends might be underwhelmed but it had loads more flavor than the last cereal I reviewed (the criminally awful Scooby Doo cereal. )

As a fan of blue berry and other fruity cereals I can easily see why there is a nostalgic love for it, I’d prefer it over Count Chocula any day, but it isn’t quite as good as my classic kid’s fav (Fruity Pebbles all the way!)   I’d give it a 8/10


Taco Bell Smothered burrito review

I recently stopped at a different than my usual Taco Bell. I was pleased to discover that they still had the elusive smothered burrito that was exclusive to the Dayton Ohio area a few months ago. I had missed my earlier chance to eat one as their availability coincided with my sons birth.


The burrito comes in 3 varieties; beef,chicken, and steak. The sauce is similar to an enchirito but the smothered burrito has less of an onion taste. The burrito contains rice sour cream and cheese as well as your choice of meat.


This is a very sloppy burrito but I should state mine flew from my passengers seat to the floor as I avoided an idiot driver. But with an included spork but t doesn’t seem to messy.

I really enjoyed it and hope it will be picked up by Taco Bell at large, or at least ones closer to me!

And the Baja Blast Freeze in the pic that I had reported earlier ? It’s a very sweet version of the soda that reminds of an icee because of its foamy consistency.

Also if your wondering why there has been a serious lack of updates, I have been and still am sick with some sort of Martin death flu. This meal was an odd choice for my first solid food in awhile, I was only intending to grab the freeze. But I was glad I gave it a chance.


as always, let me know your thoughts on the item, or the review on the forums HERE (Forum link updates 8/4/13)

Scooby Doo Cereal review

scoobydoocerealremember those days in our childhood when we begged our parents to get us cereal because it was branded with our favorite cartoon or video game? Remember how awful those cereals really where once we got them home?  Well those days are back.  “Vanilla” flavored Scooby Doo cereal is the most bland cereal I’ve ever ate, and that says something from i guy who prefers words likes “flakes” and real fruit in his cereal. It’s a very simple corn puff type cereal, like kix, but feels devoid of any sugar at all. If you want healthier, I’d suggest sticking to something with more taste and fruit. My kid isn’t at cereal eating age just yet, but i can’t expect kids will like this,  now my dog? I can for see her having a full bowels of this bland stuff later.


Cool Ranch Doritos Taco from Taco Bell incoming

doritastoacoFirst teased by Taco Bell on Facebook, it’s now official. (Credit Buzzfeed) The Ceo has confirmed it is coming, and after the success of the first one, why not?  If they really want to impress me though, they need to figure out how to make soft taco versions.

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