Review of Naussica of the Valley of the Winds


[SPOILERS ALERT]  If you like anime and haven’t seen this move yet go watch it.  It was good.  I recommend it.

Naussica, a young kindhearted princess of the valley of the winds gets caught up in a conflict between two large empires fighting over resources in a post apocalyptic world.  The story is set in a semi – steampunk like world where medieval and modenish, technology are combined in a unique hybrid.  Meanwhile a large toxic forest slowly grows taking over the land year by year.  Actually, the forest was set in motion to purify the earth from the pollution of mankind, but it also happens to be toxic to us and filled with massive insects that drive the process.  In any case, when a giant warrior from olden days is discovered with the power to inflict nuclear destruction upon the earth, one of the empires wants to use it to obliterate the other empire and the forest.  However, plans go wrong when the vessel carrying it crashes in the Valley of the Winds due to the insects which defend the forest.  The empire then invades the valley and drags Naussica and her people into the conflict.  She then through great acts of heroism and some prophetic fulfillment has to accomplish the challenge of stopping both the empires and the insects of the forest from completely overrunning and destroying her valley, in the process sacrificing herself to stop the swarming insects and in doing so demonstrates her love and goodness.  She is then reanimated by the giant insects and the world is more or less saved.

Overall the story is an excellent one of heroism, self sacrifice, love (but only a hint of romantic), and epic determination.  Naussica is an excellent representation of a classic heroine who embodies all of the best qualities of humanity and fulfills a prophetic mission.  She demonstrates through her act of self sacrifice and kindness towards all what love really means and shows how to live it out.

I enjoy a good anime, and as as far as they go I’ll give this one a 7 / 10.

One last side note, the film is based off of a manga series, so if you like manga graphic novels you can read this one as well.  I haven’t read it but I hear it’s decent although somewhat different from the film.

IGN now has a G.I.Joe wiki… Here was my experience contributing to it.

08_CobraCommanderYou can check out the IGN wiki HERE and my work is spread through out but includes, Duke, Barrel Roll, DDP, Comic Oddities and plenty more. Of course I’m not the only one who worked on those entries, but at least other than Duke, I started those entries and did the majority of the work on them.

I found their wiki layout really smooth and easy to use. It was my first time editing a wiki but their was a prize on the line so I put in a few hours, sometimes just adding trivia to existing characters others just creating an unfleshed out stub using the suggest format so that others could fill in, but i loved getting into details as much as possible.

I ended up being a winner, and the wiki contest and the wiki itself were announced months ago but i hesitated to mention it on here as it took well past what the rules stated to find out who the winners were, and then even longer to receive prizes. I have no idea if this was the usual for IGN, but the silence went on long enough I haven’t bothered to continue editing, although I’m really thankful for the prize, and now that it’s cleared up might resume doing so. I wonder if something else was going on in the background? I know IGN was bought out this year.

Whatever the reason, the slow experience might give you pause if your after a prize, but the wiki contents are great and it’s not to late to keep making it interesting.


Nerdiversity 101 podcast pilot episode, Sci-Fi movie discussion starting with the earliest sci-fi movies!

filmreelI’ve been way behind here, but here is the first Nerdiversity podcast is up. You may remember that I’ve teamed with Jaxs Trugrave and this podcast. Names changed along the way and I didn’t make it to the first recording, but we working on some changes behind the scenes. The topic is broad as  the panelists tackle their favorite sci-fi movies. Give it a listen by CLICKING HERE and  CLICK HERE to leave feedback on the forums.

It’s full of great one-liners such as, “I bet an Ewok would taste great.”