We have added a blog roll! Come and check it out and tell us if you want to be on it

5by5nit’s been on my to do list for a long while, but now I’ve finally taken the time to add a “Blog Roll” to the site. Plenty of links to good places to read, learn form, discuss at, watch etc.

If you would like to add us to your blog roll (if you have one) let me know and I’ll add you. If you have added the .com in the past under our previous name (yournerdnation.com) I’d appreciate an update to the new one as the old one won’t be active forever, and of course let me know so I can add you to the blogroll!

Know something else, not even your site, that really deserves some attention on the list?

let us know. -Sam

Check out the new NERDVERSITY.COM (Merger complete)

5by5nFor over a year now the Nerdversity 101 podcast has been coming to you “regularly” ( 🙂 ) and during the time the Your Nerd Nation blog has been a strong participant sharing the news and episodes, doing some image work, and occasionally being represented on the show by me (revsears) this planned merger has been a long time coming. the yournerdnation.com is still active but the blog is now officially the blog component of Nerdversity. The new facebook page is linked on the left, and changes continue to occur to improve the layout of the blog, and the unity of the Nerdversity brand.  This means we do more together than we could apart. I am excited about things to come. -revsears

I hope all have had a blessed memorial day.

CapShield05I’d like to express my thanks to all who are giving in service to this country, and all who have given including the ultimate price. It’s obvious i have a love for the ideas of U.S. when i created the site both the original toy nation a decade ago, and the new version and the Nerd Nation it has become. I am deepy thankful for those who have paid the price for the freedoms I enjoy. While this holiday is intended to honor those who have fallen, i can’t help but also see it as a reminder to always remember our Veterans and those who are still in activity duty. To youreal G.I.Joes (of all branches), the true American Heroes, I say Thanks and God Bless you.