1983 Tokyo Toy Show video

A recent rare video surfaced on youtube of footage taken from the 1983 Tokyo Toy Show. The footage showed toys from Macross, Microman, Diaclone, Albegas and even a live action Super Sentai performance from Dynaman.

There’s truly something for every retro toy fan in this amazing 30 year old video:

Hasbro Continues Lay offs, What does this mean for our favorite brands?

5by5nSeibertron.com recently posted that Hasbro’s lay offs have continued. A combination of factors have lead to this, including the obvious shift to video games for many, rising production costs which now not only includes  oil prices but also increasing wage demands, lack of a TF movie, and a huge struggle with Paramount moving G.I.Joe.

It’s unfortunate, and my heart goes out to those who now find themselves unemployed. I was pleased to meet a few former Hasbro G.I.Joe designers at con that were really nice guys and had produced some amazing work and I wish them in particular, and all those leaving Hasbro the best in finding new positions in this hard economy.

But i can’t help wonder what does this mean for our favorite toys? So I thou

1. Transformers:

Recently many fans where shocked when Prime was going to be cut short and we would see a new branding after TF 4.  Execs know about layoffs before they happen, was this a related attempt to draw in new fans that were pleased with prime and to put more money towards TF 4? The TF movies, especially the first two, really  helped Hasbro with profits but they haven’t been able to capture that level of success in non movie years.

I think it’s likely related!

2. G.I.Joe

Poor G.I.Joe,  with Paramount moving the movie to post convert it the toyline was left in a mess. First it has been moved up to cover Star Trek, and so Hasbro rushed out inaccurate movie toys, then with the delay, Hasbro was left with no product on the shelves and let go most of their Joe team.  No Retaliation was a bigger financial success than Rise of Cobra, but what about the toys?  Next year marks the 50th anniversary of G.I.Joe and the action figure itself, but with no Joe team in place, and no confirmation that there will be any Joe toys at all next year and the rising cost of action figures, what comes next?

I suspect we will see some toys, but a very limited amount of them. Joe fans rebelled against reduced articulation figures, and that looks to be where Hasbro’s other lines are heading:

3. Marvel Toys:
See those Iron Man 3 toys with 5 points of articulation? Welcome to your new marvel! licensing is expensive and unfortunately for us these are moving on the pegs.I’m speculating Marvel Universe figures will officially die this year with collectors getting their ML’s and kids getting unarticulated 4 ”

4. Star Wars:

Similar to Marvel, new collector oriented 6″ line, and the 4″ guys are going to continue parts re-use,repaints, and reduced articulation.

5. Hub

This is my big worry, I’m worried the Hub is not working out as Hasbro as hoped I’m very curious to see what happens here.

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Nerdiversity 101 podcast pilot episode, Sci-Fi movie discussion starting with the earliest sci-fi movies!

filmreelI’ve been way behind here, but here is the first Nerdiversity podcast is up. You may remember that I’ve teamed with Jaxs Trugrave and this podcast. Names changed along the way and I didn’t make it to the first recording, but we working on some changes behind the scenes. The topic is broad as  the panelists tackle their favorite sci-fi movies. Give it a listen by CLICKING HERE and  CLICK HERE to leave feedback on the forums.

It’s full of great one-liners such as, “I bet an Ewok would taste great.”


Unseen Empire Strikes Back Storyboards

starwarslogoToy Nation Admin WheelJack35 has shared this video with me to place on the main page. You may not see him on the front page, but he helps keep the facebook group and the forums going strong and was a big inspiration the relaunch of our site. He also happens to create videos too. Click below to check out his work sharing some ESB storyboards you probably haven’t seen before.

ESB storyboards unseen

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Toy Fair Tidbits and links to pics

wolverinepotheadA large amount of information was revealed at Toyfair. During the show I followed live tweets from several people but especially @generalsjoes of GeneralsJoes and @garygodsoe of the Coil Club, both from What’s on Joe mind.

Just a few quick notes

G.I.Joe, the Tomahawk is real baby! it’s a retool from the vintage and will be called the eagle hawk, comes with a liftticket, and all reports are that’s its great.

Saw some pics via Twiitter, Budo is classic historical samurai, stormshadow is amazing, as is CC but the Tomahawk is mind blowing.  Rotors fold back, and this thing looks big.

New Wave 3 of the movie line has been rearranged to include more “Ultimates” like movie flint, sunbow CC and Sunbow stormshadow. Also included are a new Budo, Kwinn and Data Viper.

Transformers: A new 125.00 Titan class metroplex based on the recent video game is coming. 30th Annivary Tfs, including springer!

Star Wars, Star Wars Black series also has 3 3/4 ” figures, TRU has an exclusive X-wing coming,

Marvel, New wolverine Legends line announced, a 3 3/4 ” avengers assemble line based on the new cartoon has been announced, 10 figures for the whole year,  New MU and ML announced as well as a Thor movie line.

wish I could have been there this year, I will be at Joe Con in a few months and will cover that. but for this event, I suggest checking out the following sites for pictures, and of course sticking around on our Forums to talk about it.

Head to our friends @ Serpentor’s Lair

One of my favorite sites on the web GeneralsJoes

or follow this guy on Twitter, who is posting pics now!


Star Wars figures go 6″ Scale

6in_Luke_helmet_blastermany have desired this scale for Star Wars (or Joe for that matter) for a long time. Well it’s here in the form of Star Wars, the Black Series.  They will be priced at 19.99 and will be out in early to mid August. The first wave consists of four characters, Luke here, Darth maul, R2-D2, and a sandtrooper.

Credit to and additional information at USA Today.

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A New Star Wars Spinoff

Ign has revealed, then updated information about a new Star Wars movie, and not episode VII

starwarslogoEarly reports stated that Zack Synder (300, Watchman) would be directing a spin off film set in the Star wars universe, but now it is being denied. When the summary involved Jedi and sith based interpretation of old Samurai’s, set after  Episode VI, I couldn’t help be wonder how? There are no Jedi and Sith left. of course this could be well after the events of the original trilogy and mirror the books in which Luke has rebuilt the Jedi, time will tell if the rumors are true, and how the details fit with the movie canon. . But it would seem Disney has the power and the will to push Star Wars into the future with new content and continue it’s role as a power house franchise. time will tell if new installments will please more fans than the prequels.

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