For Trade or Sale

I have the following Items for Trade or Sale.  Only a couple items have a price, for most make mean offer or see my want list. (If I do put a price, that includes shipping)

I have

Silent Strike:

Orange Hiss Tank

Con/Club exclusives:

Nf set

cobra Mortal

Spear Head

Tiger force set:



Alpine  (pictured below, Not selling the Magazine)

1X undertow

1 x Iron Anvil (the one on the Right below)

25th Era:


G.I.Joe Retaliation:

1 Data-viper

1 Cobra Combat Ninja

GEAR from Data-Viper ( GEAR ONLY)

Retaliation Kamakura from the 3-pack, loose but complete

Other G.I.Joe items:

Terror drome parts

Xamot and Tomax 25th comic pack heads.

Filecards (Digging through them now, somebody has called first dubs)

more to be added

Super Hero Showdown:

Green Goblin

Marvel Universe:

Proffessor X hover chairs

Aurora Body

Black Cat  Body

Star Wars:

more to be added



COD: Black Ops

Uncharted 2

(more to be added)

Wants: (ALL LOOSE is preferred)

hiya aliens







club exclusives:

FSS 3 Bombstrike

FSS 3 Big Ben

Cross Country

Clean Sweep

Con exclusives:
Bludgeon from SDCC 2013

25th era

Zap (Just head would be fine)

Short Fuze (Just the head would be fine)

Joe: ROC

Green Heavy Duty’s Vest

Ice Storm

G.I.Joe Retaliation:

Red Ninja Heads

Mouse ( don’t need head)

Wave 1 Duke (yeah Believe it or not, loose, custom fodder needed)

Crimson Gaurd x 2

Night viper

Wave 2 Flint (head and beret more than anything else)


Blue pantsed Flint  (had one but got left behind at Joe con 😦 and my guess thrown away by the cleaning lady )

Viper Officers (x2)


Venomization Chamber

Night adder vehicle (blue)


Monstro Viper X2


VVV Zarana Head

VVV Claws Commander Head

Spytroops Barrel Roll head

Vintage overlord helmet

Vintage Grid Iron Helmet

Reloaded issues 7 -14 (loose)

G.I.Joe extreme singles issues (all) from Dark Horse

Other comics:

Batman: Venom tpb

Batman: Sword of Azrael tpb

Just imagine Stan Lee creating the Dc Universe tpb

88 MPH ghostbuters Tpb,s

IDW Ghostbuters tpbs vols 1,2,3, or 5, and 6

IDW infestation paperbacks

The Loyal Subjects Vinyls


Foot Solider

Funko Mystery Mini’s

tmnt minis Foot Solider

Marvel Universe /Marvel Movie line wants:
MU comic pack “punk” storm with mohawk and jacket, JUST THE JACKET would be fine.

Black Widow head from Avengers non movie line that used avengers movie body. (often seen on female Joe customs)

MU Grey Hulk (with the newer body  from Series 5)

MU Red hulk w/ new body from multi pack

Green Abomination  (had one but got left behind at con 😦 )

Indiana Jones (parts)
Cloth white coats from the Ark of the Covenant sets (x3)
The Holy Grail that was in scale with the figures from the Grail knight (possibly the grail knight)

Dr. Jones Sr. Glasses

Ghost busters Minimates:
The movie ghost busters series four ghost packs with Vigo, slimer, jogger, and ship captain.
Boogieman and terror dog (x2) so I can have matching terror dogs.
Sam Haine and Egyptian Ghost


Classics Hound and Ravage

Classics G2 Prime

Transformers Prime  NYCC exclusive Pink RC and Taxi Bumblebee

Transformers Age of Extinction Drift (Car version)

TF Beast Wars Retrax


Titan Vinyls:

2x  Terror Dogs

Ecto 1

Titan Vinyls Dragon age


Pirates of the Caribbean (For heads)

Soa Feng
Deluxe Soa Feng
Semi-Random/ MISC

Hulk Legends Mecha-Hulk

I also need white jackets from : Killumaniti if you have some and are done with them for some strange reason lmk.

Kidrobot Futurama Vinyls (for wife)



Imaginext: (for son)

Toy Story Soliders

Toy Story: Zerg

Nightwing and Deathstroke

Bruce Wayne

Sandy and Spongebob

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