Kenner Aliens “Warrior Alien” Video review

upload_thumbnailFor the latest video review I go way back to a classic Kenner line and check out a figure I missed as a kid.  It’s mind boggling to think that when I (and many of you) were kids R rated movies with such dark premises got toylines! That thought aside the figure holds up, it has dated articulation, but great detail and paint for the era. Check out the full review below!

Aliens Snap Kit figure review

oct1of2013 013

The Aliens snap Kit figures are around a decade old and where hard to get when they were first imported to the U.S. They had long been on my want list, and during the last Coil Con I ventured into the wonderful Kokomo Toys and found this guy sitting on the shelf.

Follow the pics of me putting this guy together as I review him  after the jump.  Continue reading