Iron GrenadierHello Joe fans! I’m taking some pictures of my Iron Grenadiers army which I hope to share soon in the group. Most of them are modern era figures with almost all the vintage and new IG vehicles. As I consider it is one of the most attractive sub teams, I’m wondering why the last convention sets didn’t give us an updated IG Destro, even a Baroness (If we can consider her as part of IG) What do you think? Somebody can share some info about the cancelled Destro in the picture?
Which Destro’s modern era version did you consider as the more adequate for IG?
By Panama Joe

Son of Kwinn Custom based off of unused artwork!

blueboardN Joe Custom Critques Facebook user Felix Stratton (Mercer is that you? ) has created the first custom (that I’m aware) based off the images released by Sam Wells right here on Nerdrahtio.

See them mirrored below (with permission) /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/e43/44850936/files/2015/01/img_6224.jpg

Felix says it’s still a WIP in progress, and we look forard to the finished result, but it looks great already!


Here is the original art (we believe is from Draxhall Jump)

below to compare it too:



This custom came to my attention via the Joe Customs Critique FB group. You should check them out.

UPDATE: more images!

1899729_1524455734489559_3936066144109862430_o 10710377_1525062171095582_5421789491887919220_o


Sam Wells shares NEW unreleased characters and designs from G.I.Joe in our first new podcast episode!

blueboardN I’m very excited to release our first new episode, now under the Nerdrahtio banner, and with some amazing images that very few have seen before. Sam Wells returns as our guest, Tom “the Silent Assassin” takes his chair as my new co-host, and we analyze and discuss every detail about the images below, which reveal never released Characters, and unused designs from G.I.Joe in the “Joe vs. Cobra” to “Direct to Consumer” era. You can listen via the embedded player below or on our Podcast Garden audio host’s page via the link in the menu above.

Update: the player is not function for some folks, you can go to the podcast directly HERE

(for our last interview with Sam Wells go HERE) As soon as the episodes are available on stitcher and/or Itunes I’ll update the post, so you can listen easily on mobile devices on to the images, Credit to Sam Wells for the images, (please if you share credit it as Sam Wells via )We believe the designs were done by Draxhall Jump please correct us if we are wrong, and his previous domain appears to no longer be active or I would link to it. To wet your appetite a bit. pic10Then in order in which they were discussed: Continue reading

Creating G.I.Joe: A Real American hero, a facebook page and project you should follow!

08_CobraCommanderI’m a big fan of the folks at and all kinds of behind the scenes  material. A new project has emerged on the facebook site creating G.I.Joe: a Real American Hero that has simliar behind the scenes images and stories. The Author hopes to turn into a book, check it out and like the page to show your support. -revsears

Expolsion of News about Jurassic Park Joes

08_CobraCommanderwhile I’ve been “slacking” (Trust me i’d rather be updating the website, than having to deal with a sick 3-month old.) The Joe Blog the Leaky Suit Brigade, has been reporting about the discovery of confirmed for release Jurassic Park G.I.Joes, them being found at retail, and even new ones revealed.  I encourage you to check out what’s released already, and what’s upcoming.

You may recall i have been posting a lot about them, their potential hope for release, their closing prices on ebay, and pics. It’s a good time to point that I while I don’t have a category on the menu at the left for JP, you can always track or read all articles on the site by the tags as well. For example the Jurassic Park tag has all the articles in an easy to read set.

Beyond the Leaky Suit Brigade, JP Toys has also posted several images one i’ve which i’ve mirrored below.

Look at that helmet! it really reminds me of Sigma Six Firefly, that's a new head too (Crimson Chin/Jay Leno is that you?)

Look at that helmet! it really reminds me of Sigma Six Firefly, that’s a new head too (Crimson Chin/Jay Leno is that you?)

Check out both sites, although I have to warn you I saw the above picture via twitter,  and not JP Toys itself, it appears this particular image is in the message board and you have to sign up to see it, but other images are on the front page.

It appears the Joes are coming in  the $30.00 battle packs with one good sized dinosaur. 2 are coming out now with some folks already finding them, and 2 are upcoming.  One of the current ones is named Ash Skullstriker, I’d love to know the name of the other if anyone finds one and wants to let us know.  These are TRU exclusives, so happy hunting!

UPDATE:  The Leaky Suit Brigade let me know that Ash Skullstriker is packed with the Allosauras and Pachyrhynocaus  comes with Gunner Gordorn.  For further clarity Ash Skullstriker uses the Red Dog head, and Gunner Gordon uses the burnout head.

CLICK HERE to join the discussion in progress on our forums.