Marvel Universe Professor X review

Time to finally Catch up with my reviews starting with a third in a series of three reviews I started in MARCH!  First up Marvel Universe’s Professor X!

I got in a trade with forum user and CFA owner JJlecaros and since then i have picked up a few extra and love them for parts.

xaiver1the chair and head are new, but the rest are from San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Rise of Cobra Destro.

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MU (new) HULK review

I was very excited when I first saw the sculpt for the hulk. The earlier sculpt from the marvel universe line was so terrible that I settled for a pair of hulks from past movie lines to fulfill the Jade Giants place on my display shelf. I picked up the red and grey versions (as you will see below) so I was familiar with the sculpt of the toy.


The original mu hulk had lots of articulation but barley any of them worked. It was extra wide and mad while seem more squat and squished that brutish.


Unfortunately This hulks is similarly full of barley functional joints, especially in the legs. While an improvement, I was hoping for more. I am also in sure why the my line continues to use high thigh swivels that don’t function, given hasbro’s recent move to reduced articulation I would think obviously non functioning joints would be the first to go to save money on parts. Continue reading

Marvel Universe Kraven Review

Thanks to my friend and Comic and Figure Addicts owner JJLecaros I got my hands on several hard to find Marvel universe figures. It seems like all Marvel universe are hard to find these days!

First up is famous Spider-Hunter Kraven.

kravenThis guy looks like Kraven. He is the ultimate hunter, who has taken down lions and  has a desire to hunt down truly dangerous prey like Spider-man. His sculpt is superb for a marvel universe figure which all too often feature the same molds and painted on details. It’s true is wrist and bicep wraps are painted on, but  the sculpting on his vest, belt, knees and wrapped boots more than make up for it.

The painting is done very well, I noticed no issues with unpainted areas or bleeding until reviewing the pics and noticed incredibly minor issues below the knee.  The way his eyes are painted make this head look truly villainous and unique to factory painted 1:18 scale heads of any line.


Unfortunately, my Kraven’s left foot was fused together and broke off. his right foot feels very flimsy as well.  This only bothers me slightly as i had plans for this head to become my Major Bludd, but still disappointing.

kravenhandHis thumb is fused to his middle finger which will limit the accessories he can hold.


his spear is so wavy! how could he possibly through this?  If it’s important to you you can’t attempt a procedure to fix it, soften the  plastic in boiling water, straighten and reinforce till it softens. I haven’t had the time try this, but it is often used by G.I.Joe customizers to address warps in plastic.

kravenrenegadesbluddStyling in a suit! Even if you don’t want this guy for Kraven this head looks excellent on many bodies. This body being from the Men In Black III line.  If I can find more of these guys in the wild, I’ll be picking up two more, as I do want a Kraven as well as having some of the cool parts (head, skulls on knees) to customize with.

kravenonthehuntHere Kraven is perched and hunting the batman with his super wavey spear.

I do not know how common the issues with the spear are, but both it and the leg hurt the figure greatly. If I Ignore the leg (surely not all of them are broken)  I’d give this guy an 8 out of 10 for excellent new parts and paint job.  If you can find him, grab him.