Additional Domain Name added, and additional site updates!

nerdnationminilogo To further demonstrate my intent to cover a wider range of nerd topics and in cooperation with Nerdiversity 101 podcast, I announced a name change awhile back, now you can view us at the additional url, . In additional I have further tweaked our new logo,and added it to the message boards, which have a new url as well (just click on the forums link above that route still works.)

I have also continued to tweak the forums as I learn the software and have added some previous less trafficked forums back, but as sub forums so the forums look a little more tidy, but still have plenty of places for discussion. Please continue to let me you know what you think.  I have more free time than the past couple of months and hope to further improve the site.

Minor Update:

Of course it should be noted that any previous link to the forums will now no longer work and I will work to update some of the past stories, especially those who still get hits or i refer back too, to a correct link on the forum!


Nerdiversity 101 podcast pilot episode, Sci-Fi movie discussion starting with the earliest sci-fi movies!

filmreelI’ve been way behind here, but here is the first Nerdiversity podcast is up. You may remember that I’ve teamed with Jaxs Trugrave and this podcast. Names changed along the way and I didn’t make it to the first recording, but we working on some changes behind the scenes. The topic is broad as  the panelists tackle their favorite sci-fi movies. Give it a listen by CLICKING HERE and  CLICK HERE to leave feedback on the forums.

It’s full of great one-liners such as, “I bet an Ewok would taste great.”