G.I.Joe: Spec Ops social game is being shut down.

08_CobraCommanderThe G.I.Joe spec ops facebook page has posted the following info:

It is with sadness that we inform you that G.I. JOE: Special Ops will be shut down on 1st May 2013.

We love G.I. JOE Special Ops and are very proud of it. We are extremely thankful for the many players who were so passionate about this game. Your dedication has been fantastic. We have learned a lot from all of your valuable feedback and will use what we learned to create an even better user experience going forward.

Thank you for your interest, excitement and passion for G.I. JOE: Special Ops. We truly appreciate it!

We have other great games we hope you enjoy.

Stardrift Empires Nova http://apps.facebook.com/stardrift_empires/

Mecha Galaxy http://apps.facebook.com/mechagalaxy/

-The G.I. JOE: Special Ops Team

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New G.I.Joe Tomahawk coming?

08_CobraCommanderNews broke today via Hisstank.com user Mastercheif, about several upcoming G.I.joe items.  Here is his the SKU list:

 786245 Movie 3.75″ figures $9.99
788551 Movie Delta Vehicle $21.99
786216 Ninja Showdown Set $24.99
786253 Ninja Mask $9.99
786274 Movie Alpha Vehicle $13.99
788535 Blade of Justice $16.99
788640 10″ Kata Battler $21.99
788713 Movie Bravo Vehicle $15.99
788772 Snake Eyes Ninja Set $27.99
788802 Battle Kata Weapon $15.99
863851 Ninja Chucks $9.99
867591 Ninja Command Blaster $29.99

828516 Micro Force Blind Bag $3.99
828613 Micro Force Starter Set $7.99

Now for the interesting items (all are Hasbro items):
655875 Ninja Army Special Ops $3.99
913370 Special Ops Starter Pack $4.99
835442 Special Ops Vehicles $24.99
913230 Special Ops Tomahawk $42.99

Special ops could refer to the G.I.Joe social game launched last year, or could refer to something else. With Starter packs and small price, it seems likely there is some kind of game element to these listings.   The most exciting item is the Tomahawk, a classic helicopter many have sought after since Joe returned to shelves in the early 2000’s.  Perhaps we will learn more at ToyFair!

one thought that quickly comes to mind, is hasbro really launching, Kre-0’s, minifigs, the regular movie line, and this special ops all at the same time?  Share your thoughts on our forums here.