Zombies Hate Kung Fu : A new comic announced from Very Graphic Novels

zhkfvgnimageVery Graphic Novels have set out a press release (WHICH YOU CAN VIEW HERE)

about the new comic they are launching via Kickstarter. You really should give the video on their kick starter a look. Kung Fu action in a post apocalyptic zombie world with beautiful art, an energetic british writer, and the chance to have your name printed in the back as a supporter.

With 12 days to guy they have 81% of their goal, and I encourage you to go over give it a look and if you have some cash, this looks looks fun and professional enough to fund! -revsears


A piece of gaming news E3 overshadowed, PVZ2, and some commentary!

nerdnationminilogoPlants Vs. Zombies is, in my opinion, the best original game ever released for IOS. Angry Birds may get a lot of level, but it doesn’t have the depth, the strategy, or… the brains that PVZ does.  Popcap is back with a real sequel. Sure we know about the xbox exclusive shooter Garden warfare, and even the new facebook game, but the true sequel was announced just before E3

Beyond that there are some clues that  youtuber xXadanfimeXx has pulled from the trailer.

“Roses are Red

Snow peas are blue

Zombies are Green

and They are coming for you!”

(From the video above)

Everyone can get excited about super expensive new consoles, me, I’m looking forwarding to this, and ducktales to hold me over.

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